Pondo Cybercafe


PONDO BILLING SYSTEM is a Cloud-based Billing Software designed for Cybercafe Management Operations. Established June of 2016, the company is now serving 400+ clients with 30,000 user terminals all over the Philippines and some branches in Indonesia and Thailand. Registered as a Corporation in Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) with its head office in Cebu.


To Empower Cyber Cafes with the Proper Tools for them to Grow.


To be the leading card-based system and service provider for Cybercafes in the Philippines.


Pondo Features


Cloud Based

All transactions are recorded and stored online. Monitor real-time data using Pondo. Manage Website All cashier transactions are recorded real-time with 99.99% Uptime Guarantee.


Manage Remotely

Has a Refund Option and can also check Sales Report. Change Password anytime accessable through PC, Tablet, Smartphone.



Timer Capabilities

Customizable café rates: Regular Pricing, VIP Area Pricing, Time Usage Pricing or Package Pricing


Security Capabilities

Owner-only access for refund and change password capaOnly Owners can access for refund and change password capabilities “KUPITLESS. Tap before play feature prevents from unauthorized use of accounts an only Members can change password for better security.


Card Membership

The only timer that can customize card membership design with shop logo. Members can use the same account in any related branches (multi-branch). Customer loyalty is driven by a Points System capability.


Inventory Management

You can stock in food and beverage inventory in the system for easier monitoring with reports every end of each cashier’s shift “KUPITLESS”. Shop merchandise such as shirts, hoodies, lanyard, keychains, etc. Membership account load balance can be used to purchase items in the inventory list.


Customizable Account

Unlimited User Level with Card or No-Card Account.





Has 8% Discounting on all eshop products with Integrated Eshop Sales Reporting “KUPITLESS”. Customers can purchase through the Cashier.



24/7 Technical Support

24/7 Chat Tech Support, Step by step Helpdesk and Remote assistance