Pondo POS



Pondo Pos is cloud-based Point of sales system that is easy to use and requires no specific hardware devices. All you need is a windows based PC or Laptop. Our Stand by Technical Support Team is always ready to guide you throughout the way.
 Very Affordable
 Sales Reporting
✓  Inventory Management
 Membership Account Features
 LIVE Sales report


Perfect for any retails stores such as Online selling, groceries, restaurants, coffee and pastry shops, hardware stores and also service oriented shops like carwash, barbershop, etc.


  • Setting up shop quickly and easy to operate
  • Check accounts on your PC or Mobile phone
  • Take an order by scanning a QR code and place an order from Mini Apps mall to improve the efficiency of collecting money and saves cost
  • Support the physical card + electronic card + Mini Apps membership card for members
  • Comes with three (3) Languages: English, Korean and Simplified Chinese
  • Multi-cashier end (Android, iOS Tablet, Windows and Mobile App) and Multi-executive assistant (Official Accounts, Mobile App and Web version merchant background)
  • Full version support
  • Cashier Printing AIO
  • Online Payment



All transactions are recorded and stored online
Monitor real-time data using Pondo Manage Website All cashier transactions are recorded real-time.
99.99% Uptime Guarantee



Security Capabilities

Management side: Owner-only access for refund and change password capabilities “KUPITLESS”



24/7 Technical Support

24/7 Chat Tech Support
Step by step Helpdesk
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